Our History


TanYgraiG Dental earns its place in history which can be traced back to 1888 when Dr E.Clarke LDS RCS moved into the property and established the practice until he retired in 1930. 
The practice was then acquired by Dr E.V.Breen-Turner LDS who practised here until 1982 (the longest-serving practitioner at TanYgraiG).

When Dr Breen-Turner stepped down due to deteriorating health the practice was taken over by Dr Portman BDS for a 12 month holding period until a long term successor was sought.
In 1983 Drs N & P.Proud BDS (Nic and Penny) took over ownership of TanYgraiG Dental until late 1986 when Dr D.Roberts BDS became the practice's principal owner, until his retirement in 2006 when our current owner and principal dentist Dr B.R.Modubu BDS took over the practice and continues the TanYgraiG Dental legacy. 
A glimmer of the past can still be seen today as Dr Clarke's name and qualifications' remain etched on the glass of the practices vestibule door and Dr Breen-Turner's brass plaque still remains below this.
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